lettabl for landlords

Maximise Your Potential with Lettabl!

Are you a landlord with a vacant retail space?  Lettabl is your solution to unlock the full potential of your venue!

Here’s why you should showcase your retail space on our platform:

đŸŽ¯ Targeted Exposure

Lettabl connects you with a diverse pool of motivated small to medium-sized businesses actively seeking short-term retail spaces. By listing your venue on our platform, you gain access to a highly targeted audience ready to make their mark in the retail world.

📋 Trial Potential Long-Term Tenants

Short-term leases serve as a testing ground. Landlords can evaluate potential long-term tenants' suitability by observing their behavior, reliability, and commitment before considering extended contracts.

💰 Increase rental yield

Applicant and occupation rates will likely be much higher and when combined with the flexibility of short-term leases allows landlords to adjust rental rates more frequently, potentially increasing overall rental yield compared to long-term fixed contracts.

đŸŦ Fill Vacancies Faster

Tired of waiting for the right tenant to come along? Lettabl accelerates the process by offering short-term leases that appeal to startups and businesses testing new waters. With our platform, you'll fill vacancies faster and start generating income in no time!

🤝 Build Connections

Be part of a thriving community that fosters collaboration between landlords and entrepreneurs. Lettabl isn't just an online platform – it's a network where you can engage with passionate business owners and support them in their journey to success.

⛔ No Booking Fees, No Surprises

When you list your retail space on Lettabl, you won't encounter any booking fees, comission or hidden charges. We believe in upfront and transparent pricing. List your venue with confidence, knowing that your earnings remain yours in their entirety.

📈 Adapt to Market Conditions

Adapt to fluctuating market conditions more effectively with short-term leases. With short term leasing you can adjust rental rates or property use based on current market demands or seasonal variations.

🚀 Unlock Hidden Potential

Embrace the power of short-term leasing! By listing your retail space on Lettabl, you give businesses the chance to experiment with their offerings, revitalise the local retail landscape, and potentially find their long term home in your venue.

📈 Boost Your Venue's Reputation

As a landlord partnering with Lettabl, you showcase your willingness to embrace innovation and support the growth of small businesses. Enhance your venue's reputation as a forward-thinking space that nurtures creativity and fosters success.

🕹ī¸ Stay In Control

when you list on lettabl you are in complete control of your listing. The entire booking process is handled by you so you can approve or deny any requests you see fit.

Join Lettabl today and list your space today!